music composed & production directed by RAPHAEL MOSTEL
based on the classic book & art by JEAN DE BRUNHOFF
lighting design by MICHAEL MAZZOLA

NB: Work exists also in version as music and narration only, without the production elements and artwork.

The production is best in an audience-friendly, reasonably intimate auditorium with good acoustics.

Running time of full work: approximately 65 minutes, no intermission.
Parts One (Honeymoon) and Two (Battle) can also be performed independently.

The minimum stage size for full production is 35' wide by 22' deep, with cyc or light-reflecting back wall; lighting design also includes lit side walls/panels / or 50% grey flats 12-18ft. high.

computer light board with 100 channels (ETC preferred)
72-2.4 Kw dimmers
gel, gobos as specified on light plot
(the inventory below assumes an electrics trim height of 21'6" to pipe - a different trim may change the inventory)
16-50degrees Source 4s @ 575w or 6.5 x 4.5s @ 1kW
18-36degrees Source 4s @575w or 6x9s @ 1kW
20-26degrees Source 4s @ 575w or 6x12s @ 1kW
10-19degrees Source 4s @ 575w or 6x16s @ 1kW
6-6" Fresnels @ 750w
12 PAR 64 WFLs @ 1kW
3 circuit ground row lighting to cover width of cyc
2 booms
8 floorstands.

Sound: [reinforcement only for narrator(s) and may be unnecessary in some halls]
One or two vocal mics for narrator(s) — using house P.A.
sound op should be able to hear house to adjust levels of narrator(s)
Ensemble is acoustic — no mics

9X12 projection screen, free of imperfections, hung 6’ off deck, upstage of musicians
{in theaters with exceptionally wide stage, 12x16 screen may be used. Screen size should not overwhelm musicians)
Professional LCD projector (minimum 3,000 lumens) with appropriate lens; capable of SVGA standard (show is currently 600x800 pixels)

Preferred: Mac G4, 450MHz or better, minimum 256 RAM, w/CD-ROM, OS 9.x or better
or alternatively: PC Pentium IV, IGHz or better, minimum 512 RAM w/ minimum 24-bit color video card with 16 Mb on the card, w/CD-ROM, Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP or better
cables to connect to projector

Orchestra equipment:
5 orchestra chairs, plus one cello chair, one piano bench, one stool for percussionist
one or two director’s chairs (or high stools with back) for narrator(s)
9-10 music stands (black Manhasset or equivalent)
13-14 music stand lights controlled through light board

Technical director with authority to hire and supervise local crew, rent equipment, act as liaison with theater;
sufficient crew to hang and focus lights, screen, projector; set up computer, chairs, music stands and instruments;
Running crew: sound, light board (stage manager can run video), projectionist (if rear projection is used).

Approx. 4 hours to hang lights, screen, projector
Approx. 4 hours to focus lights
2 hour tech rehearsal (can be done with recording)
2 hour full dress rehearsal

Narrator (either one or two)
Eight excellent musicians:
Clarinet, doubling Bass clarinet
Trombone, doubling Bass trombone
Piano, doubling Celesta
(Piano should be quality full concert grand piano, properly tuned and maintained at concert pitch, A440; Celesta should be four-octaves, correctly in tune at A440, with well-regulated keyboard, working pedal and properly maintained.)
Percussion (NB some percussion substitutions may be possible):
large marimba (to low F), large bass drum (minimum 36-inch, 48” preferred, with real skin or textured synthskin, and placed in horizontal position), bongos, conga, minimum 5 tom--toms (or differently pitched drums; extreme differences in size & pitch preferred), wood block, slapstick (as loud as possible), ratchet, triangle, bell-tree, cow bell, ship bell, police whistle, klaxon (or loud squeeze horn), large cymbals, suspended cymbal, thunder sheet, 4-6 rainsticks, lion’s roar, 6-9 whirlies (flexible plastic tubes), 6-8 carnival (Brazilian carved wood bird-) whistles, bags of marbles (or ball bearings; or chains and metal garbage can)

Special additional musician requirements:
rainsticks, birdwhistles, and whirlies played by most ensemble members.

Rehearsals, starting from zero
One partial rehearsal just with conductor and pianist
One full rehearsal with ensemble (only for first narrator(s) of a run, and thereafter:) One full cue rehearsal with ensemble

4 three-hour rehearsals
(fewer rehearsals required if conductor and musicians have performed the work recently)
dress/tech rehearsal(s)


Narration currently available in English, French and Spanish versions.
Other languages possible.

For further information, or about performances in languages other than English, French or Spanish, please contact:

Raphael Mostel
One University Place, #16D
New York, New York 10003

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