Peace Concerts 1987: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan

Music dedicated to the victims of the bombs

Tour sponsored by Source Music, Inc.

in association with Asia Society, NYC, Beate Sirota Gordon, Program Director

Raphael Mostel and Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble: New Music for Old Instruments

Peace Park, Hiroshima, Japan

Clockwise from noon: Raphael Mostel, Geoffrey Gordon, Yoshiki Araki, John Charles Thomas, Arnold Greenwich, C. Bryan Rulon, Dan Erkkila

Raphael Mostel with host Rev. Satoh of Mitakidera, Hiroshima, Japan
At Mitakidera, Hiroshima, Japan

Front row: left to right: Dan Erkkila, Geoffrey Gordon, Raephael Mostel, Yoshiki Araki

Back row: John Charles Thomas, C.Bryan Rulon, Rev. Satoh (host), Naomi Itoh (translator), Arnold Greenwich

""A soul-journey that will strike a deep chord with diverse listeners, by one of New York's most popular and original composers."

- Kyle Gann, Village Voice critic

The sound may be Tibetan...but the music is in another world."

- Bernard Holland, The New York Times

digital fossils CD 10009-2


Swiftly, How Swiftly.... and The River

Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble: New Music for Old Instrrumentssm

with soloists Dan Erkkila, Geoffrey Gordon, John Charles Thomas

Performances recorded live for broadcast at WNYC-FM, after return from world premiere performances at commemorations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, and the U.S. premiere performances at the Asia Society, NYC.

This music is dedicated to the victims of the bombs, in the hope the mistakes of the past will not be repeated.